Gold Bark Leather Utility Knife


Gold Bark Leather Utility Knife



Able to cut along smooth curves as well as easily cut out sharp corners, the Gold Bark Utility Knife has been uniquely designed to work with almost every leather working project. This full-tang knife has been handmade by skilled knife makers in the US and created from a heat treated high-carbon steel. It’s utility and built-for-life detail make it ideal for your first serious leather knife purchase.

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Return Within 1 Month with No Questions Asked

We want to give you the chance to test out the knife and see how well it wears. That takes some time, so you have a month to return your knife with no questions asked from the date that it arrived at your door.

Free Replacement of Any Damaged Knife.

Handmade from start to finish, your knife is always being closely watched for quality. In fact, we’re 100% sure you won’t receive a defective knife, but, for your peace of mind, we promise to replace any knife with a material or craftsmanship defect.

Free Tune-Ups Forever.

High-carbon steel means all you need to do to keep you knife sharp is strop it before a project. But even the best knives need a little tune up now and then. Your knife is covered with a lifetime of free maintenance. That means you get free knife sharpening and handle replacement when needed. Simply pay shipping.*

What makes it so great at cutting all these leather projects out?

The blade itself is slightly rounded allowing you to roll the blade as you cut, giving the knife the ability to cut through the leather that much easier. In addition, the angle of the handle allows the knife to be ‘dropped down’ to finish a cut. This eliminates any drag you might have, which comes in particularly handy when using thin leathers that tend to pull and stretch out of shape as you finish your cut.


-Handmade from high-carbon steel
-Solid Oak Handle
-Measure roughly 6"x1"x1"

* We reserve the right to decline a free repair if we deem the damage is caused by misuse (i.e. using the knife as a screw driver, hammer, or for some other shenanigans).