Gold Bark Box


Gold Bark Box

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is one of the best feelings out there. But you know that, that's why you're here. The only problem is, no one starts off making something beautiful. Developing a skill you're going to be proud of takes time. As they say, "Rome wasn't built in a day." Unfortunately, the 1,009,491 days it actually took to build Rome is just too dang long, but what if it could've been built in just half that, or even less? That's kind of what the Gold Bark Box is... except it has nothing to do with Rome. The Gold Bark Box will help you build a solid foundation to quickly make beautiful leather items. How do I know? We've taken care of all the things that slow you down when getting started. From picking out the right tools, finding the right kind of leather for your project, selecting a good project to make, gathering all the supplies, learning skills, to getting help, the Gold Bark Box is here to get you going.

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So What's Inside?

100% Top Grain Leather

Each box comes with 100% top grain leather that’s durable and characteristic of the animals life. The box also includes a number of quality supplies that will help you create something you're proud of:

  • Dye and Finish for Unfinished Leather
  • 1 Sq Ft Piece of Leather
  • Leather Glue Cement
  • Thread and Needles
  • Duck Cloth
  • Dye and Glue Applicators
  • Beeswax
  • Sand Paper

Essential Leather Working Tools

You'll receive every tool you need to complete your project, start to finish. These tools are what craftsmen use, which means they’ll last years instead of months. Here’s the list:

  • Handcrafted Burnisher
  • Scratch Awl
  • Divider
  • Ofla Rotary Cutter
  • 2 Diamond Chisels
  • 12"x6" Grid Ruler
  • 12"x6" Self Healing Mat
  • Reusable Tracing Template


Which ever project you choose you will received detailed step by step guides to help you through it. These guides are also avaliable online and you can see them HERE.