1 SqFt Panel: 3oz Horween's Latigo (Chestnut)


1 SqFt Panel: 3oz Horween's Latigo (Chestnut)


This is 1 square foot of 3oz Horween Latigo leather. Latigo leather is known for being strong yet supple, and is achieved by being both chrome tanned and veg tanned.

So What's This Leather Like to Work With?

- Temper: Latigo leather is supple. This means that it doesn't not hold a crease when folded. In addition, edges may be tricky to burnish because the leather isn't firm. While it can be burnished, edge paint may be a better alternative.
- Finish: This particular leather has more of a matte finish. It's color is also very uniform, and while it shows marks from the cows life (as any good top grain leather should), the surface is very smooth.
-Strength: The great thing about Latigo leather is that it's strong and does not stretch out much over time.

Project Suggestions:

- Watch Straps
- Journals
- Wallets
- Key Fobs
- Dog Collar

**This leather has been precut into 1 square foot panels. If you order more than one, you will receive that many 1 square foot panels, not one larger piece of leather.

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